What the heck is Guanciale and why do I need it?!

As you may have heard from your mom, your best friend who's obsessed with pasta, or maybe your old Italian uncle, everyone is real busy watching Stanley Tucci's latest show on CNN: "Searching for Italy." 

In the last year, while the majority of Americans were stuck in their homes, we looked to media outlets to give us that wanderlust we're so often feeling. In comes Stanley Tucci, with a show about Italy and all the amazing food this country has to offer.

Many of his recipes may seem familiar, or are already a current staple in your house, while others have you scratching your head wondering where you could even find the ingredients for. A mystery for many has been how to nail down the ingredients for Tucci's drool-worthy Pasta Amatriciana. This recipe is super simple, with just a few ingredients, but one of them being a bit harder to track down: Guanciale

Made from uncured pork jowls, guanciale is a must-have for chefs and the secret ingredient in carbonara.  It's the key to a proper al'amatriciana.  Try it once and you will imagine it going into your sauces, soups and even your veggie dishes. 

At Coro, we've been making Guanciale for some time now and we're here to tell you, that the rumors are in fact true and you've been missing out. 

Good news though, we have no plans to stop making it any time soon, and we'd love to ship it straight to ya for that perfect pasta addition. So grab some guanciale, find a recipe to try and let us know what you think. 

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