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For over 20 years Coro’s been bouncin’ to a different beat in Seattle. We’ve worked to master the art of old world salumi but have never been bound its traditions. We’re after something more, something fresh, something uniquely delicious.

With careful craftsmanship and untamed imagination, we turn the finest all-natural ingredients into sensationally inventive flavors. Explore, improvise, refine, repeat. That’s how we do it. There’s just one rule: it’s gotta be damn good or it ain’t good enough.


Coro is the Italian word for chorus. It speaks to the wonderful chorus of craveable flavors in everything we make at Coro, but also the chorus of people and harmony of craft it takes to create such delight in each bite. For over 20 years we’ve been exploring the world of salumi by using the finest ingredients to create unique and inventive flavors. This is what sets us apart from the rest. But to bring those flavors to life calls for a combination of art, attention, skill, and patience. Here’s what makes us different:



Great food is made with great ingredients. We use only all-natural ingredients, ethically sourced. Our vegetarian-fed pork is American Humane certified and never, ever treated with antibiotics. We use only the highest quality spices and hand mix them in small batches.


We put the work in so you don’t have to. There are no instructions needed, no peeling required for any of our salamis. Our sliced packs are perfectly sized for your favorite cracker and perfectly portioned for your favorite charcuterie board. Just open and enjoy.


At Coro, we’ve developed our own unique slow-aging process that delivers the quality, texture and unique flavor our customers love. We start with ethically sourced pork and fat then use our proprietary double-grind technique so we get just the right proportion of fat and meat. Next, we slowly and carefully mix to ensure the right marbling and texture, carefully adding fresh and intentionally sourced spices in small batches along the way. Then the magic. We use our own culture and all-natural curing agent made from celery salt methodically stuffing and hanging, by hand, on our racks. The racks are moved to our state-of-the-art curing rooms which ensure an exact humidity and temperature. Here our meats ferment and age slowly, because slow food is better food. Once the salami is ready to eat, we pre-peel the casings by hand so you don’t have to mess with them, then vacuum seal the salamis to ensure optimal freshness and shelf life.


It’s important to us that we take good care of the people and places that give us so much. For us it’s a journey not a destination, and we’re constantly working to do even better. Coro is committed to fair labor practices that pay a living wage and create a safe workplace, free from intimidation and discrimination, providing a workplace that’s fulfilling for everyone. Together, we work to care for our environment by partnering with our suppliers to source sustainable ingredients, implementing efficient production processes that result in minimal waste, reducing our carbon footprint, and prioritizing sustainable packaging.










Coro, the Italian word for chorus, is a metaphor for not only the chorus of non-traditional flavors in our meats but also the chorus of voices at Coro that come together to bring it to the world.

We are moms, makers and longtime friends. Our passion for food drives us to continuously taste, experiment and improve. Coro has been our workshop where we’ve honed our craft and imagined new, impossibly delicious flavors. But Coro is truly a chorus of voices. We are lucky to be surrounded by a team that shares a passion for what we create together. Each of us has something to offer and each has brought a unique palate and imagination to Coro, making us what we are today and what we will be tomorrow.

Clara Veniard

Clara’s love affair with food and entrepreneurship began at age 14 when she ran her own empanada catering business in Argentina. Born to an Italian family who owned a large confection company, you could say that making good food has always been in her blood. Clara went on to apprentice with James Beard Award winner Joan Nathan, helping her with recipes and testing her cook books. After a short stint in fine dining that included some “kitchen confidential type” experiences, Clara turned her focus to her other passions–international affairs and business. She spent 2 years with the Peace Corps in Nicaragua, completed a business degree, worked in international finance at The Gates Foundation and completed a stint at Amazon in consumables. But her love of food and entrepreneurialism pulled her back to her roots. As a longtime Salumi fan, she jumped at the opportunity to become an owner in 2017 with her business partner Martinique Grigg.

Martinique Grigg

Martinique Grigg is a lifelong cured meats devotee. Salumi was one of her first culinary adventures when she arrived in Seattle over a decade ago. With a background in business and a love of Italian meats, Martinique is thrilled to be the co-owner of Salumi with her business partner, Clara Veniard. Her past experiences as CEO of outdoor organization, The Mountaineers, and product manager at the east coast retail legend, LL Bean, may seem like an unconventional background for running an artisan food company. But these experiences trained her on how to create superior quality product and bring people together for shared experiences and real community–two traits that are core to Coro.