The Meaningful Marketplace

You say "Salami", I say "Salumi" 

Salumi is Italian for deli meats. And Coro is Italian for chorus. Put 'em together and have Coro, a restaurant and deli offering the most fabulous cured meats. Using the old world methods, new world thinking and new world spices, Martinique Grigg and Clara Veniard picked up the tradition in Seattle begun by Armandino and Marilyn Batali and have grown it to the stellar establishment it has become. Part of the incentive was to show that two women and also mothers could start and grow a specialty food business, and they have succeeded. Their philosophy is that good food is what we live for and they have done so much to share that philosophy with others. Salumi is an art, not a science. It is practiced differently in different parts of Italy, and the founder Armandino learned his technique from a certain area in Italy and brought it to Seattle. In taking over the business, Martinique and Clara were nervous about changing an institution without losing the magic that made it famous, but gradually they learned the formula for keeping a beloved name alive while updating it and keeping it going.