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The Seattle Times

The 4 best sandwiches around Seattle that restaurant critic Tan Vinh has had this month

I hold no grudge against grain bowls, but for lunch or a bite on the go, the old-school sandwich is better, no? It’s transportable, simple in its construct — meat between bread, interior moist with a sauce, preferably mayo. Here are the four best sandwiches I’ve eaten this month.

Porchetta sandwich at Salumi

And speaking of porchetta, I always envision some corner rosticceria in Rome every time I spot a downtown office worker biting into that Salumi pork sandwich along the cobblestone streets in Pioneer Square. Salumi does a 16-hour roasted pork, scented with fennel and garlic. That, along with pickled and sweet onions and green peppers, gets tucked into the pocket of a ciabatta that’s been slit like a pita. This $12 sandwich is better than Salumi’s popular meatball sub.