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Lamb Prosciutto

Lamb Prosciutto

Uncured Leg of Lamb

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Our special Limited Edition product is back this fall in an Uncured version. We have a very limited amount of this special product, available while supplies last!

A unique product with a delicate feel and intense flavor, this is our only product not made from pork. 

Product is sold per piece and is not pre-sliced.  Access to a rotary slicer may be preferred to order to enjoy your prosciutto thinly sliced.

Please note, product weight can vary 25%.  Multiple pieces may be combined in order to get desired weight for customer. Note, pricing is per unit and for entire Lamb Prosciutto (not per pound). Available in 6 oz and 10 oz.

InstructionsEasy-to-eat & ready to use. No instructions, soaking, or peeling required.

All our meat is shelf stable. Refrigeration is not required.

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